——  About Us ——

——  About Us ——

About Us

Blueglownano was founded in 2013 by a group of new materials research experts. Our self innovative current collectors with unique conductive carbon and graphite coating provide excellent properties and collect microcurrent from active materials. The technology improves battery performance by reducing the contact resistance between active materials and current collector, promoting adhesion and eliminating usage of binder and conductive agent. It also offers good shielding performance against oxidation and corrosion.

Offering a deep-dive into carbon coating technology for battery applications

In order to overcome our customers’ current technological challenges, our team and customers’ battery engineers collaborate closely with each other to develop the optimal battery configuration to make the battery more consistent and higher performance;

We provide products as battery components which are powering the auxiliary features for broad variances of cell format requirements such as power/energy, temperature, safety, resistance or adhesion;

On top of that, our highly functional products, with a low cost at a fraction of the cost of a full battery, enable our customers to eliminate material waste and to achieve cost-efficiency;

Our technology and manufacturing standardization enable our customers’ technology to widespread adoption and mass production.

Conductive Technology/Adhesives Technology/Dispersion Technology/Surface Treatment Technology
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